Sunday, December 26, 2021

Employing Public relations along with Press Releases to stay your News.

Today in 2008, arguably the biggest story in the headlines could be the crisis facing Detroit's "Big Three" auto makers, General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. Every day, there are many stories being released about the situation facing each of the companies - which may have now banded together to use and get public funds as a bailout to the industry.

Although we will spend hours talking about this matter, we shall instead turn our focus on what you, as your small business owner, can get in the headlines and join the conversation to really get your company some publicity. First, you have to figure out how you fit into this picture. Have you been an automobile dealer? A parts supplier? A secondary company that utilizes the fitness of the car companies and/or car workers? Where would you fit in? This really is critical to then developing your "angle."

Next, to put it simply together a media release talking about how this matter affects you. Here's the important part, though. You must locate a newsworthy angle, otherwise your opinion is simply an opinion - and certainly not news. So execute a poll, speak about some actual trends you're seeing, or include some stats about your historical sales compared to your projected sales given the outcome of the bailout trend press wire. Reporters want to fairly share stats making use of their readers or viewers. Look at your company's stats to see if any coincide with trends being discussed by the media.

When you yourself have your release drafted, you would want to do some research on which reporters are doing stories on this topic. Do a simple Google search to find these stories. On Google, click news at the very top to filter companies. Have the contact information for these reporters and send them your release while letting them know you're more than happy to become a quotable resource because of their future stories. Reporters are usually looking for a good quote.

John Sternal is a veteran public relations professional with increased than 15 years experience serving clients in a variety of industries on the agency and corporate sides. John has caused members of the national media to develop stories that serve their readers/viewers in an endeavor to educate on topics that benefit his clients/employers.

John has already established the fantastic possibility to work on everything from sports marketing to natural gas pipelines, and high technology to the world of automotive.

His experiences in PR span a wide range, including media relations, spokesperson duties, media training, corporate communications, event management, and strategic thought leadership. John has written many articles which were published in magazines and newspapers around the world, and he in addition has served as editor of two media publications for a national sports team.

John says his favorite PR moment was when he helped the NHL's communications department throughout the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. He was on the ice working together with photo journalists throughout the Cup presentation before a packed Joe Louis Arena.

Originally from Connecticut, John spent my youth in Tampa, Fla., and currently lives in South Florida. He enjoys golf and bicycling, and although he lives in Florida, John still considers hockey his favorite sport to watch. He's also started initially to use up sailing as a hobby, and enjoys researching fine wines from different regions of the world.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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